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Serving Sparta, Lake Hopatcong and surrounding areas   

Valet Barking is a Husband and Wife team. We have a combined 17 years of grooming experience as well as a certificate from Nash Grooming Academy. Our experience ranges from the large chain stores, to our own store front, and now our mobile grooming truck. Knowing that your pet has a dedicated two person team looking after them can bring you confidence that he or she is in good hands.   When evaluating dog grooming services, there are generally two categories, those focused on sales and those that are focused on your pets. Those focused on sales, will generally try to sell you a "package" of services, and then charge add on fees for everything not included in the package. The price you are expecting to pay, may be much inflated by the time you're finished.   Those focused on your pet will ask about your pet's temperment, likes and dislikes, allergies, grooming frequency, and the type of groom you are looking for.   It is always smart to ask if your prospective groomer has earned any kind of grooming certification. Dog grooming is an unregulated business, meaning anyone can open a dog grooming facility without a certification anywhere in this state. Having a certification from an acredited school means your groomer has taken no short cuts, and is commited  to the safety and well being of their clients   Another obvious difference is brick and mortar vs. Mobile. We have experience in both and think for your pet, mobile is the least stressful. It's a one on one groom which takes considerably less time. There are no strange dogs, barking, phones, or other interuptions. Brick and mortar shops will generally work on many dogs in the same time block. Once your dog is bathed, he or she will typically sit in a crate for hours waiting to dry. Knowing your pet is right outside your house is comforting for most people.